Work process and methodology

” From the most noble to the more humble, all have the duty to improve and correct his own self”


The methodology of HABILIS describes the four essential steps that must be carried out in a systematic way to achieve continuous improvement of each of the services we provide to our customers, to reduce errors, increase the effectiveness and efficiency, give a solution to the problems and to prevent and eliminate potential risks.

It consists of 4 stages, so that once the final stage must be the first and repeat the cycle again for the activities to be re-evaluated periodically and incorporate, as well, further improvements.

When looking to obtain a continuous improvement in service, the first thing to do is to schedule it (Phase 1- PLANNING), after carrying out the planned actions (phase 2- IMPLEMENTATION) then it checks to see that it has been done (PHASE 3 – REVISION) and finally the relevant changes are implemented so as not to incur the same mistakes (PHASE 4 – improvement) again starts the cycle planning your implementation, but introducing improvements from previous experience.











The Head of Projects and Operations of HABILIS meet with the client to gather all the information necessary to make a good analysis of the service.

Subsequently, a feasibility study, paying special attention to the legal and operational aspects.

This phase will also define the media rights (necessary staff and profiles) and materials needed to carry out the service. Also, the design of the working processes and procedures, establish indicators of quality and productivity, we set the KPI’s and set objectives. With all this, is defined as the control panel of the service.



The Project Manager sets in motion all the documented procedures resulting from the service planning (Phase 1), is selected and hired all the staff and provide the necessary material resources (machinery, PPE, consistency, etc.)

A key success factor, at this stage, is to make a good selection of the profiles established in Phase 1 and a good plan for staff assigned to the service that we will ensure a successful start-up. This should include:

  • Training in PRL
  • Training of the working processes and procedures
  • Information of the posts
  • Quality
  • Objectives
  • Culture of continuous improvement


Once the service is started, an analysis of the indicators and the achievement of the objectives set out in the phase 1.


At this stage, we modify the working processes and procedures, according to the findings of the previous phase, in order to establish elements of service improvement. The Person Responsible for project documents this phase, with the approval of the customer, and includes the plans of action and improvement.

Accept the Change 

Respects the roles of each

Leadership at all levels

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